Welcome to Alpha27

Alpha27, Inc. is a company who specializes in Internet Technologies for Small Businesses.

What makes us different?

We listen to your needs. Plain and simple. We will try and understand your business and offer the best solutions on how to archive your goals. We don’t look at it as “oh you need a shopping cart, or a blog”, that thinking is too simple and doesn’t help you. We look at it as “you would like ecommerce, or a blog, let’s figure out some strategies to make it the best around”. We look at the both the small pieces and the big picture.

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We”l Be There After The Project is Done

We don’t consider a project is done when we launch your website or application. We never consider it done. We look at it as a long term relationship. Unlike some other companies who may feel that the project is done when it goes live, we feel there is still more to do.

You may want to add new features, or change something that you feel isn’t working. We will be there to do the work. It’s always best to have around those who built out your website from the beginning, because they best understand some of the huddles you faced to get you where you are at now.

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