What to do at the start of the New Year

It’s a new year, and I bet you have a few things to do on your website, your clients and your own internal projects. This blog post will act as a friendly reminder of some of those things you should look at when a new year comes.

  • Are you still seeing last year date on your website?
  • Check for New Potential Clients or Contact.
  • Reassess your Objectives and Goals for this Year.
  • Catch up on Left Over Work from Last Year.
  • Check your Bills and Invoices, and make sure your are up to date
  • Follow Up with Clients.
  • Get Positive and Announce It to the World

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Welcome to Alpha27′s: Talking about Internet Technologies for Small Business

Welcome to all of you who have made it to this blog entry. My name is Christopher Rivera and I am the owner of Alpha27, Inc. We are a company specializing in providing internet technology solutions for small businesses. The main goal of our blog is to talk about and discuss how using the internet properly can help improve your business.

We will have blog entries in the following topics:

  • Business Strategies
  • Email Services: Hosting and Marketing
  • Web Services: Design, Development, Hosting and Maintenance
  • Social Media Interaction
  • and Internet Marketing

We are looking to create a large resource of content for all to read and use, and to help you fulfill your internet goals for your company. Look for our blog entries on a weekly basis.


Christopher Rivera